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About us

Welcome to the NABU Network!

where bytes of history intertwine with the promise of tomorrow. Our mission? Preserving the legacy of the iconic NABU Computer—a digital relic that once bridged homes and hearts across continents.

In the early '80s, when the world was only dialing up modems and dreaming of interconnectedness, the NABU Computer emerged—a beacon of innovation. Families huddled around cathode-ray tubes, downloading software through cable TV network, and glimpsing a future where ones and zeros beamed into homes over ever expanding networks thru truly "Smart TVs".

Fast-forward to today. The NABU Network stands as a testament to resilience, fueled by a passionate community. We believe in openness, where lines of code are shared like stories around a campfire. Our digital hearth welcomes all: the curious, the nostalgic, and the visionaries.

Our Commitment

  1. Preservation: We’re the custodians of nostalgia, meticulously restoring the NABU Computer’s essence. Our digital archaeologists comb through ancient code, piecing together memories. We safeguard the past, ensuring it thrives in the present.
  2. Openness: The NABU Network isn’t a walled garden; it’s a communal orchard. Our software, like ripe fruit, is freely accessible. We invite you to pluck ideas, remix them, and contribute your own. Together, we cultivate knowledge.
  3. Community: Here, geeks and dreamers unite. Whether you’re a seasoned programmer or a curious soul, you’re part of our tribe. Join discussions, share anecdotes, and celebrate the quirks of vintage computing. We’re more than a network; we’re a family.

The Adaptor Software

At the heart of NABU preservation is The Adaptor Software—a bridge between eras. It whispers to the NABU Computer, translating its binary dialect into modern bytes. We host our own grown version this software, ensuring the past converses with the present.

So, fellow wanderer, welcome home. The NABU Network awaits—a place where pixels pulse with memories, and the spirit of preservation dances with the rhythm of progress.


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